Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Promotional Products Can Raise Your Business in Very Effective Way

Coca Cola had experienced bad marketing too. However, as opposed to what many have come to know, it was not a deliberate move by the company. In 1928, when the beverage giant entered the Chinese market, it was advertised with a title that sounded pretty much the same as its company name, only that the translation meant ‘bite the wax tadpole.’ This became such a phenomenal mistake that Coca Cola had to take a stand. It turned out that it was not the characters intended by the company, but were created by Chinese store owners to sell the beverages. In the end, Coca Cola found four characters that meant ‘to allow the mouth to rejoice.’
Now, you must know that marketing entails a lot more than just shipping your products to a certain location and expecting them to sell as much as how they do in your current place. In order to cope up, Coca Cola also did marketing through promotional merchandise. It distributed promotional products, such as shirts and other items, in order to expand its branding capability even without the consumer directly drinking the product. Having effected and other appropriate considerations in mind, a company may avoid writing a bad marketing story of its own.

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