Sunday, 25 September 2011

Promotional Logo Bugs are distributed as a gift in company events

Promotional logo bugs are items that are shaped into a bug, with the company, brand, or event logo printed on the piece of material attached to them. These bugs are distributed as a give-away in company events which highlight a promotional objective. Say, a conference on parenthood. A company that sells children products, which is the host of the event, may want to distribute promotional items to its participants. For the purpose of instilling to these people the brand the event is trying to project, the most effective type of item to give may be promotional logo bugs. Not only does this item attract directly the user of the product, the parents, too, will most likely be influenced by the brand the promotional logo bug is aiming to market.
As for the costs, distributing promotional logo bugs require the least expenses in marketing. Surely, this is one move that is no risk at all. 
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