Monday, 8 August 2011


Summer is here and you are out of marketing ideas for your company. Do not lose hope as promotional merchandise is never a seasonal affair. You can always reach out to your target market through the help of this marketing strategy, even if the sun is high up and your sales history shows a slowdown during these times. A great way to brave the heat and turn customers’ heads towards your product is to give them what they would like to have most, especially at the beach. Promotional beach balls would actually be the best choice.

 Though promotional shirts and pens may be great and popular in this area, beach balls cannot be surely left out during the summer. This is what’s meant by going with the flow. As a marketing manager, you must know that people, though they establish brand loyalty, have ever changing needs. These needs are primarily influenced by the season. Whatever is in, will be most noticed.

 So, why beach balls? Is it just because people use beach balls during summer that you have to venture into distributing this promotional merchandise? No, actually. There is no ‘just’ to it. Beach balls’ being highly popular during these steamy days is equivalent to higher usage. And as you know, when a person gets to use more of a product, he gets more familiar to its design, let alone the brand printed on it. Hence, yes, beach balls provide you greater market exposure during the summer.

 In addition, you might ask about the costs of distributing these items. Though you might think that you’ll be spending more over transportation, because it’s quite round and large as compared to pens, beach balls can actually be deflated and given away in such manner. Just ensure that the packaging allows for the printed logo to be immediately seen and you’re good to go.

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